Circuit Court Grant Coordinator (Contract position)

Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Mary Welker is seeking a grant coordinator to administer her Court’s Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) and Family Treatment Court grants.

Background Requirements

  • Must possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher in criminal justice or human science
    -OR- possess a Bachelor’s degree in an unrelated area and have three-plus years of criminal-justice experience.
  • Must have no disqualifying criminal record.
  • Must possess and display high ethical standards.

Job Responsibilities

  • Administer the JDAI grant (20-25%)
  • Administer the Family Treatment Court grant (60-70%)


  • Must be self-motivated and -directed.
  • Must be able to organize and to coordinate grant activities, reports, and requirements.
  • Must be able to manage and to lead a steering committee, board, and work groups.
  • Must be able to maintain records efficiently and to enter data timely.
  • Must be able to track data from multiple sources effectively.
  • Must be able to adhere to strict confidentiality requirements.
  • Must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills to work closely with a wide variety of relevant parties:
    • participant families,
    • participant juveniles,
    • families and/or other advocates of participant juveniles,
    • officers of the Court,
    • State-level administrators, and
    • the general public, among others.

  • Must be able to do minor accounting work to ensure appropriate spending:
    • claims filing and submission,
    • expenditure tracking, and
    • maintenance of balance sheets for grants.
  • Must be able to write a number of varying documents:
    • grant applications,
    • press releases,
    • progress reports,
    • compliance reports,
    • plans,
    • policy documents,
    • procedural documents, and
    • other relevant documents for internal use and publication.

    To apply, submit your résumé to Dr. Natalie Tucker by clicking the ‘Apply’ button below.

    Company NamePulaski County Circuit Court
    LocationCircuit Court, Courthouse, 112 East Main Street, Winamac
    Job TitleGrant Coordinator
    Key ContactDr. Natalie Tucker