Part-time Position, Pulaski Co. Community Development Commission

The Pulaski County Community Development Commission is seeking candidates for a part-time staff position (funded 28 hours per week) beginning on or after 3 January 2022.

This will be a hybrid position, including both administrative/clerical responsibilities and programmatic roles. In 2021, the Commission adopted a new strategic plan; the hired person will play a critical role assisting the executive director and members of the Commission in implementing the plan.

The specific responsibilities of the selected candidate will be determined by the hiree and the executive director based on skillsets and interests, but will generally be based on the job description for the Commission’s past project-coordinator position, available online here.

Potential Responsibilities

  • Promote, oversee, implement, and/or assist with community-development and quality-of-life initiatives, programs, and projects.
  • Promote tourism in Pulaski County through marketing, coordination with local destinations, and other efforts.
  • Research and provide feedback for prospective projects and initiatives.
  • Present project updates to the Commission during monthly meetings.
  • Coordinate logistical details of meetings, training activities, and other events hosted by the Commission.
  • Prepare press releases, meeting minutes, and other documents regarding CDC activities and initiatives.
  • Handle phone calls, personal visits, routine paperwork, payment claims and other duties necessary to the effectiveness of the CDC.
  • Represent the Commission, in the executive director’s absence, at meetings, events, and other activities.
  • Interested candidates should familiarize themselves with the new strategic plan prior to being interviewed. Reviewing available information on the Commission’s website is recommended.

    Applications should be delivered to Executive Director Nathan P. Origer at the Commission office, 623 West Eleventh Street, Winamac, during business hours or emailed no later than 11:00 a.m. E.T. on Friday, 10 December.

    The Application for Employment is available online here or from the Pulaski County Auditor’s Office, located in the courthouse. Vetted applicants may be asked to submit further information, writing samples, or both during the application process. Submitting an application does not guarantee that a candidate will be interviewed.

    Pulaski County is an equal-opportunity employer.

    Company NamePulaski County Community Development Commission
    Start DateJanuary 03, 2022
    Key ContactNathan P. Origer, Executive Director