The livelihoods of businesses and communities are dependent on a healthy supporting infrastructure. Like the root system of our beloved oak trees, the nourishment needed to…

Workforce Development

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Assistance & Incentives

In Pulaski County, we understand that the success of your business is a contributing factor to the success of our people and county. Our Economic Development team…

Location, Infrastructure, People, and more!

We have a lot to offer your business in Pulaski County. Not only do we have rail and highways that benefit our businesses, but our proximity to the Indianapolis, Chicago, and the Great Lakes creates great opportunities for commerce. With close connections to area universities, such as Purdue, Valparaiso, and Notre Dame, plus Ivy Tech Community College, the talent you need is not far!

“Being able to expedite our product is exactly what makes [Pulaski County] a really good location.”

“The people of this county are not just waiting for progress to come to them. [Pulaski County has redeveloped itself] from an agrarian society to a modern industrial center.”

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Strategic Plan

On 5 October 2010, the C.D.C. unveiled a new economic-development strategic plan, Pulaski County: Mapping a Path Forward at…


The Pulaski County Community Development Commission (C.D.C.) was established on 19 December 1995 by a resolution of…

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