The Pulaski County Community Development Commission (C.D.C.) was established on 19 December 1995 by a resolution of the County Commissioners. In 2023, the Board of Commissioners and Council adopted various ordinances and resolutions restructuring community-development operations and reorganizing the C.D.C.

The Commission exists to provide supervision, budgetary oversight, and limited, as-appropriate policy guidance to the executive director and staff of the Pulaski County Department of Community Development , which provides staffing to the Pulaski County Redevelopment Commission, Economic Development Commission, Advisory Commission on Industrial Development, and Tourism Advisory Committee in addition to supporting the Board and Council.

The mission of the Commission is to promote, to facilitate, and to support community-development and business-growth efforts throughout Pulaski County in the pursuit of improved quality of opportunity, life, and place and community wealth.

This mission will be accomplished by implementing the Commission’s strategic plan, as is and as amended, and by participating in or supporting projects, programs, and charitable and educational activities deemed to be beneficial to Pulaski County and complementary to the strategic plan.

c/o Department of Community Development

C.D.C. Members

Pursuant to Pulaski County Resolution 2023-09, the C.D.C. is composed of a county commissioner appointed by the Board; a county councilor appointed by the Council; the presidents of the Advisory Commission on Industrial Development (ACID), Economic Development Commission (E.D.C.), Redevelopment Commission (R.C.), and Tourism Advisory Council (TAC); and a resident of the county employed in agriculture or an agriculture-related field who is knowledgeable in matters relating to agricultural economic development and shall be appointed by the Board.

  • President: Sheila Jimenez (Council)
  • Vice-President: Bill Champion (ACID)
  • Secretary: Brian Ledley (R.C.)
  • Maurice Loehmer (Board)
  • Claude LeMere (E.D.C.)
  • David Scott (TAC)
  • (Ag/Ag-Business)
    All commission-president–members serve terms concurrent with their presidencies; the county commissioner, county councilor, and at-large ag-sector member serve at the pleasure of their appointing bodies.

    Commission Members

    President: Bill Champion (Pulaski Co. Industrial Forum, 2026), Vice-President: Doug Roth (2027), Secretary: Tim Fox (Winamac Power and Light, 2027); John M. “Mike” Mcclure (County and building trades, 2025), Chelsea Smith (1st Source Bank, 2026), Jason Potthoff (2025)

    All industrial-development commissioners are appointed by the Board to four-year terms and eligible for reappointment.

    President: Claude LeMere (Winamac Town Council nominee, Jan. 2025), Vice-President: Blake Kasten (Council nominee, Jan. 2026), Secretary Christian Smith (Board nominee, Jan. 2027)

    All economic-development commissioners are appointed by the Board to four-year terms, with one commissioner being nominated by the Council, and another by the fiscal body of the largest municipality in the county, and are eligible for reappointment.

    President: Brian Ledley (Council appointee), Vice-President: Stan Bennett (Board appointee), Secretary: Katelyn Bierrum (Council); Jon Frain (Board), Kyle Sefcheck (Board), Tina Stacy (Board), Isaiah Tidwell (Council); Joe Cunninghan (Board; non-voting advisory member representing local schools)

    All redevelopment commissioners serve one-year terms and are eligible for reappointment; the non-voting advisor serves a two-year term.

    President: David Scott (Winamac Town Council appointee, 2025), Vice-President: Tom Miller (Winamac, 2024), Secretary: Susan Kast (Board appointee, 2025); Vernon Gillum (Council appointee, 2024), Raymond Heabel (Board, 2024), Scott Kubisch (Board, 2024), Jeff Litke (The UPTOWN Project appointee, 2025), Christie Nicholson (Council, 2025), Kelsie Zellers (Main Street Winamac appointee, 2025)

    All TAC members serve two-year terms and are eligible for reappointment.

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