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In early 2024, the Board of Commissioners adopted Simply Home, an addendum to 2021’s Simply Pulaski strategic plan addressing residential development in Pulaski County. This plan synthesizes and builds upon the housing-related language in the 2021 plan and the work completed by the Pulaski County Housing Taskforce in partnership with the Community Foundation of Pulaski County and nonprofit consulting firm the Housing Resource Hub. These efforts included a third-party market-potential analysis and a housing-strategy implementation plan.

In late 2023, as part of an effort to enhance County support for housing, the Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution and executed a cooperative agreement authorizing the Fort Wayne Housing Authority to operate within Pulaski County in collaboration with Club 720 (a sibling-company to the Housing Resource Hub) and other partners to make the Hoosier Homes down-payment–assistance program available to qualifying Pulaski County homebuyers.

An ongoing result of the Taskforce’s work with the Housing Resource Hub is the effort to phase in the construction of a new primarily residential development with some neighborhood-serving commercial uses on the outskirts of Winamac on land owned by Pulaski County; this project will be overseen by a partnership among the County (Board of Commissioners, Department of Community Development, and Redevelopment Commission), the Town of Winamac, the Hub, and one or more developers. More information about this “catalyst project” can be found beginning on page 48 of the Hub’s implementation plan and on page 5 of Simply Home.