The livelihoods of businesses and communities are dependent on a healthy supporting infrastructure. Like the root system of our beloved oak trees, the nourishment needed to keep a community alive comes from the supporting network that built a foundation many years ago. Today, businesses in Pulaski County enjoy ease-of-access to road, rail, water, and air for transportation logistics.


The Winamac Industrial Park and most commercial/retail districts in Francesville and Winamac are served by fiber optics or are fiber-ready; contact us to find out if the site you’re considering is.


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

  • Federal Highways
    • U.S.-421 (N-S, access to US-30 and I-65)
    • U.S.-35 (N-S, access to US-30 and US-31)
  • State Highways
    • Ind.-39 (N-S)
    • Ind.-14 (E-W, access to I-65)
    • Ind.-114 (E-W, access to I-65)
    • Ind.-119 (N-S)
  • Railroad
    • CSX: Medaryville south through Francesville to Monon interchange with Chicago-Lafayette mainline.
    Driving Distances from Pulaski County