The Pulaski County Community Development Commission (C.D.C.) was established on 19 December 1995 by a resolution of the County Commissioners. The C.D.C’s mission is to promote and improve the quality of economic development throughout Pulaski County in pursuit of excellence through the following endeavors:

  • Supporting the expansion and continued investment of Pulaski County businesses.
  • Recruiting new business and industry into Pulaski County.
  • Promoting tourism and the increase of transient spending in Pulaski County.
  • Developing and supporting business services such as workforce development, infrastructure, planning, financial programs, technology initiatives and entrepreneurial programs.
  • Conducting charitable and educational activities.

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CDC Members


  • President: Sheila Jimenez, Winamac Town Council’s appointee
  • Vice-President: Maurice Loehmer, County Board of Commissioners
  • Secretary: Brandon DeLorenzo, at-large member (BKD Homes)
  • Membership Officer: Kelsie Zellers, at-large member (Alliance Bank)
  • Board Member: Bill Champion, at-large member (Fratco)
Appointed members

  • Brad Bonnell, County Council
  • Doug Denton, Monterey Town Council

At-large members

  • Blake Kasten, ProScapes
  • Brian Ledley, Pulaski Memorial Hospital
  • Breann Wilson, Rieth-Riley Construction


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